April 19, 2024
Ben Armstrong Arrested Live on Stream Amid Lambo Dispute
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Ben Armstrong Arrested Live on Stream Amid Lambo Dispute

Cryptocurrency influencer Ben Armstrong, formerly known as “BitBoy,” has reportedly been arrested while livestreaming outside the home of a former business associate, whom he alleges has his Lamborghini.

Before the YouTube livestream, Armstrong hinted at going live from a “special location.” Less than an hour later, he was live streaming from the residence of consultant and nonfungible token investor Carlos Diaz, who is believed to have connections to the Hit Network.

During the livestream, Armstrong made allegations against Diaz, including claims that Diaz wanted to harm him and had ties to the Houston mafia. He loudly proclaimed, “I’m not scared of you, Carlos.”

Approximately 19 minutes into the stream, local police arrived and inquired about whether Armstrong was carrying a weapon, to which he responded in the negative.

The police then instructed him to put down his phone, and the livestream went blank for the remaining 17 minutes, although audio continued, capturing the conversation between Armstrong and the officers.

A listing on the Gwinnett County, Georgia, Sheriff’s Office website indicates that a person named Benjamin Charles Armstrong was booked on September 25 at 9:11 p.m. local time and is currently in custody. On September 26, Diaz confirmed that Armstrong had shown up at his house.

Notably, a blockchain analyst known as “ZachXBT,” who appears to be critical of Armstrong, expressed satisfaction over what he referred to as “one of the most notorious bad actors in crypto finally getting karma.” In late August, the Hit Network, which controlled the “BitBoy Crypto” brand, severed ties with Ben Armstrong, citing concerns related to substance abuse and financial harm to employees.

Since then, there have been several legal disputes involving various parties, some of which were filed and later withdrawn. Armstrong even solicited donations on September 20 to help cover his legal battles, a move that garnered mixed reactions from the crypto community.

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