April 19, 2024

Binance NFT Launches Bixel: Groundbreaking AI NFT Generator for Custom Artworks

Binance’s NFT division has unveiled its latest innovation — an AI-powered NFT generator named “Bixel” that will empower users to create personalized digital artworks through cutting-edge AI technology.

Binance NFT made Bixel permanently available to its user base on July 26. This innovative tool grants users the ability to craft one-of-a-kind digital art pieces and explore the exciting world of NFTs. To access the generator, interested users must complete Binance’s Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification process. This measure has been implemented to ensure a secure and trustworthy platform that adheres to industry best practices and regulatory requirements.


For those keen on minting NFTs with Bixel, there is a modest minting fee of 0.008 BNB (approximately $1.9 at the current rate). This fee guarantees a smooth and efficient NFT creation process within the BNB smart chain. To enable users to explore the possibilities of AI-generated art, Binance allows ten daily free opportunities to produce artwork using AI technology.

Earlier this year, a test version of the AI artwork generator was launched under the name “Bicasso” on March 1. The beta version received an overwhelming response, with its 10,000 NFT minting limit being reached within a mere 2.5 hours of going live.

Shortly after the beta launch, Binance faced accusations of idea theft regarding the AI NFT generator concept. On March 2, a community member named “ggoma” claimed that Binance had copied their project called “Chatcasso,” which had secured the top spot in the BNB Chain hackathon held in Seoul, South Korea, in December 2022. In response, a Binance spokesperson refuted the allegations, asserting that “Bicasso” had been independently developed two weeks before the hackathon took place.

Image by Riki32 from Pixabay

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