July 16, 2024
Binance FZE Head Credits Middle East Regulatory Clarity for Crypto Industry Growth
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Binance FZE Head Credits Middle East Regulatory Clarity for Crypto Industry Growth

Major cryptocurrency exchanges and businesses are increasingly being attracted to a burgeoning crypto hub in the Persian Gulf, as indicated by Alex Chehade, the general manager of Binance FZE in Dubai. He emphasizes that progressive regulatory frameworks in the Middle East are a major draw for startups and established players in the crypto industry:

“What stands out in the Middle East is regulatory certainty and clarity. We have a virtual-asset-specific regulator here in Dubai: VARA [Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority]. We have ADGM [Abu Dhabi Global Market] with its virtual asset framework, [and] we have Bahrain’s central bank being accepting of cryptocurrencies.”

Chehade points out that some regulators in other jurisdictions may not have fully understood the nuances of the cryptocurrency landscape or might lack the capacity to regulate the sector effectively:

“So you’re seeing events like GITEX and Future Blockchain Summit, as well as global companies coming here because it’s easy to do business.”

Furthermore, Chehade underscores the need for businesses to have regulatory certainty to make long-term plans, and the regulatory parameters in these specific Middle Eastern jurisdictions facilitate this process. He also highlights Binance’s role as a catalyst for Web3 companies and startups looking to establish a presence in the region:

“We’re an ecosystem enabler, we’re the biggest Web3 company in the world. You often see network effects with size, and we’re seeing a healthy environment with big and small players.”

Chehade mentions that Binance FZE currently employs approximately 600 people in its Dubai-based operation and is committed to fostering the growth of the industry. Additionally, he notes that Binance FZE operates as a regulated exchange in Dubai, with its custody and operations ring-fenced from the rest of its global operations.

Akshay Chopra, Visa’s vice president and head of innovation and design, who is also a board member of the MENA Fintech Association, echoed Chehade’s sentiments regarding the region’s progressive regulatory outlook:

“Regulators are actually looking forward and working with the local blockchain community, institutions, startups, entrepreneurs to come up with a very inclusive perspective on what is the future and how can we be best positioned both as a market and as a regulator.”

Research from blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis has shown that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency market. In the period between July 2021 and June 2022, users in the region received $566 billion in cryptocurrency, indicating significant growth in the crypto space.

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