March 27, 2024
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Binance Announces its Decision to Delist TUSD Trading Pairs

Binance announced on March 13 that it would be eliminating many TUSD (TrueUSD) pairs from the exchange. PENDLE/TUSD, EDU/TUSD, and COMP/TUSD are a few of them. The exchange will also delist BNB pairs for EduCoin and Arpa. The delisting is scheduled for March 15, 2024, at 3:00 am UTC.

The exchange stated that it occasionally delists coins to “protect users and maintain a high-quality trading market.” Spot trading pairs may be delisted due to a lack of liquidity or volume. However, the exchange noted that delisting trade pairs does not imply that the asset has fully disappeared from Binance. In an official statement, Binance clarifies that the delisting of a spot trading pair will not affect the availability of the tokens on Binance Spot.

 “Users can still trade the spot trading pair’s base and quote assets on other trading pair(s) that are available on Binance.”

Statement from Binance

This means the stablecoin will continue to be offered on the exchange’s other trading pairings. TUSD is currently linked with popular crypto assets on Binance, including Bitcoin (BTC), Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Paired crypto tokens with TUSD on Binance. Source: Binance

Aside from delisting the trading pairs, Binance stated that it would discontinue the spot trading bots services for the pairings on the same date and time. The exchange advised users to update or terminate their bots before the deadline to avoid potential damages.

The TUSD stablecoin has seen numerous challenges since the fourth quarter of 2023. On Oct. 17, the stablecoin team disclosed a possible exposure of certain Know Your Customer and transaction history data from its customers when a third-party vendor was compromised.

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