May 29, 2024
BAYC Collector Dodges Scam as Forbes Imposter Tries to Hijack Assets
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BAYC Collector Dodges Scam as Forbes Imposter Tries to Hijack Assets

In a recent encounter, a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) owner, known as “Crumz,” shared details of a near-miss with a potential scam orchestrated by an imposter posing as a Forbes journalist. The scam began when an individual claiming to be Robert LaFanco, a real Forbes editor, reached out to Crumz with an offer for an interview regarding a new article about BAYC.

During the supposed interview, the scammer prompted Crumz to click a button to allow access to record the conversation. Despite some red flags, such as the use of a non-premium Zoom account and a request to employ a separate recorder bot, Crumz complied with the requests. The situation took an unusual turn when the imposter suggested that Crumz retrieve a banana for a photo, ultimately serving as a distraction.

Crumz later realized that this diversion was an attempt to draw him away from his computer, allowing the scammer to take control and potentially steal valuable assets, such as NFTs. However, Crumz thwarted the scammers by not leaving his computer and muting the screen. He observed the scammers attempting to control his screen, stopping them before any harm could be done.

Following this incident, Crumz and other members of the BAYC community issued warnings about the scam, urging vigilance among NFT collectors. Crypto casino Rollbit partner borowik.eth echoed the caution, alerting his followers to the fake Forbes editor account attempting to trick users into granting access to their computers.

This episode adds to the growing concern within the crypto community about scams targeting NFT collectors. In recent months, there have been reports of scammers posing as journalists to conduct fake interviews and gain unauthorized access to victims’ computers. This underscores the importance of users staying vigilant, verifying the authenticity of communication, and adopting secure practices to protect their valuable digital assets.


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