July 21, 2024
Bard Chatbot Adopts Gemini A.I., Competes with ChatGPT in Updates

Bard Chatbot Adopts Gemini A.I., Competes with ChatGPT

For over a year, Google has been in a competitive race with OpenAI to develop a chatbot technology that rivals ChatGPT. In a significant move on Wednesday, the tech giant introduced an updated version of its chatbot called Google Bard, available to English speakers in over 170 territories, including the United States. The new bot is powered by Google’s latest AI technology, Gemini, which has been in development since the beginning of the year.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the “Gemini era,” emphasizing that it represents the realization of the company’s vision when establishing Google DeepMind, its AI lab. Pichai stated that Google plans to integrate three different versions of Gemini into various products and services in the coming months.

Both Pichai and Demis Hassabis, the head of Google DeepMind, asserted that Gemini surpasses Google’s previous chatbot technologies in terms of power, generating more accurate responses and approaching human reasoning in certain scenarios. Dr. Hassabis expressed satisfaction with Gemini’s performance.

When OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT last year, Google found itself lagging. Despite years of developing similar technology, the company hesitated to release a product that could produce biased or misleading information, similar to concerns faced by other tech giants, particularly Meta.

In March, Google launched its initial chatbot, Bard, which received mixed reviews. A month later, Google consolidated its two AI labs, Google Brain and DeepMind, uniting over 2,000 researchers and engineers. In May, at the Google I/O conference, it was announced that the newly formed Google DeepMind lab had commenced the development of Gemini.

Google provided benchmark test results claiming that the most powerful version of Gemini outperformed OpenAI’s latest technology, GPT-4, in key areas. Pichai highlighted Gemini’s proficiency in generating computer code, surpassing previous Google technologies, and its improved accuracy in summarizing news articles and other text documents.

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