March 27, 2024
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Azuki Announces New NFT Collection Inspired by Rarity and Elemental Themes

The renowned blue-chip non-fungible token (NFT) collection Azuki is set to launch a new collection that draws inspiration from the elements within the Azuki ecosystem, as per a press release. Known as Azuki Elementals, this collection will comprise 20,000 NFTs based on the four Azuki elements: earth, fire, lightning, and water. Each NFT in the collection possesses unique rarity traits, which will be unveiled upon minting.

Commencing Tuesday, June 27, the sale of Azuki Elementals will employ a Dutch Auction model, starting at a price of 2 ETH (approximately $3,800). Initially, the sale will be open exclusively to holders of Azuki NFTs or BEANZ, another derivative collection from Azuki. The price of the NFTs will decrease by 0.1 ETH or $187 every five minutes until all the remaining 10,000 Elementals NFTs are sold.

A section of the new collection’s NFTs was distributed through an airdrop to existing Azuki holders during the “Follow the Rabbit” event held in Las Vegas on Friday. Charlie G., an Azuki holder, and event attendee, revealed in a tweet that Azuki holders received an undisclosed Azuki Elemental NFT and a soulbound token as a commemoration of the event. Charlie expressed admiration for the quality of the trailer launched at the Vegas event, stating that it surpassed what is typically seen in NFT projects and praised Azuki’s ability to captivate the attention of the entire space.

According to data from the secondary marketplace OpenSea, Azuki currently holds a floor price of 15.3 ETH, equivalent to around $29,000. The project has achieved a trading volume of 569,795 ETH, totaling just over $1 billion. The floor price for BEANZ stands at 1.28 ETH or $2,400, with a trading volume of approximately $300 million. In October, Azuki conducted an auction for eight golden skateboards tied to “physical backed tokens,” generating $2.5 million in sales volume.

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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