July 21, 2024
Axie Infinity Takes a Cue from Pokémon with Upcoming NFT Evolution

Axie Infinity Takes a Cue from Pokémon with Upcoming NFT Evolution

In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the popular play-to-earn game, Axie Infinity, developers at Sky Mavis have exclusively unveiled details of a major update introducing a “Stage 2” evolution for every Axie monster. The highly anticipated update, scheduled for launch on December 14, promises to usher in a new era by allowing over 250 different Axie “parts” to evolve on any Axie non-fungible token (NFT), thereby enhancing both their battle strength and aesthetic appearance.

Jeffrey “Jiho” Zirlin, the co-founder of Sky Mavis, shared insights into the transformative vision behind the project, expressing a desire to turn Axies into evolving digital collectables. This vision, he noted, has been at the core of their development philosophy for over five years. Axie Infinity, the play-to-earn game launched in 2018, has gained immense popularity over the years, attracting millions of players despite facing challenges such as a significant $622 million hack, followed by the successful recovery of approximately $30 million six months later.

Zirlin underscored the uniqueness of Axies, likening them to living, breathing entities compared to other NFT collections like CryptoKitties. To complement the forthcoming update, Sky Mavis plans to release a 20-page comic and an animated video that delves into the rich lore behind the Axie upgrades. The narrative follows characters Ema and Bing on a quest to find “spirit shells” in the imaginative world of Lunacia. During their journey, Bing discovers the Atia Temple, a sacred place where Axies can undergo a transformative evolution.

Intriguingly, the evolution process involves using crafting materials or “burning” other Axies, effectively removing them from the blockchain to facilitate the upgrade of a chosen Axie. Players must attain level 10 and be “ascended” for one part to evolve, and the entire evolution process, utilizing radiant spirit shells and mementoes, takes 36 hours to complete. Players also have the option to expedite the process by paying an extra 200% in materials cost.

Zirlin emphasized the significance of dynamic and evolving NFTs, highlighting their potential to allow developers to introduce new content without inflating the supply of initial collections. With over 11.9 million different Axie NFTs distributed across 1.9 million wallets, this update is poised to bring a fresh and engaging dimension to the Axie Infinity gaming experience. Notably, Axie parts can only be upgraded to the next level of the same part, ensuring a coherent progression. Furthermore, the upgraded Axies will maintain their level-two form across all Axie games, fostering a shared system of experience points and progression.

Against the backdrop of a year marked by the expansion of the Axie brand and the migration of games to the Ronin blockchain, Sky Mavis aims to continue building on the success of Axie Infinity. The game’s innovative play-to-earn model and the upcoming evolution update position Axie Infinity at the forefront of the rapidly evolving blockchain gaming landscape.

Image: Wallpapers.com

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