May 29, 2024
AstraZeneca Collaborates with AI Firm to Discover Cancer Cure

AstraZeneca Collaborates with AI Firm to Discover Cancer Cure

AstraZeneca has recently disclosed a strategic partnership with the US-based AI biologics firm, Absci, marking a significant foray into artificial intelligence for cancer research. The pharmaceutical giant plans to invest up to $247 million, covering research and development, milestone payments, and an upfront fee for this innovative collaboration.

The primary goal of this venture is to develop a groundbreaking zero-shot generative AI model that revolutionizes the creation of novel antibody therapeutics for various cancers. Absci’s advanced AI system can screen billions of cells weekly, accelerating the transformation from antibodies to validated candidates in just six weeks. While the specific cancer types targeted were not detailed in the December 3 Financial Times report, AstraZeneca aims to optimize existing treatments and improve outcomes.

Puja Sapra, AstraZeneca’s Senior Vice-President, expressed enthusiasm for AI in biologics discovery, emphasizing its role in enhancing speed and success rates. Sean McClain, Absci’s CEO, acknowledged AstraZeneca’s involvement as leveraging Absci’s AI capabilities to advance their work in the field. This collaboration exemplifies the growing role of artificial intelligence in healthcare. AstraZeneca and Absci’s joint efforts reflect the potential of AI to expedite research and enhance data analysis accuracy.

Concurrently, Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority initiated an AI pilot program in November to combat superbugs by analyzing clinical data and assessing the necessity of prescribing antibiotics, addressing concerns about antibiotic overuse contributing to antibiotic resistance.

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