July 16, 2024
Ashley. First AI-Powered Political Campaign Caller

Ashley: First AI-Powered Political Campaign Caller

Democrat Shamaine Daniels, vying for a Congress seat against Trump-aligned Republican Scott Perry, deploys AI campaign volunteer, Ashley, in a bid to engage voters. Ashley, powered by generative AI akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, conducts personalized one-on-one conversations simultaneously, a potential game-changer in political campaigning. Concerns arise about the technology’s impact on disinformation, echoing worries expressed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman about interactive disinformation compromising election integrity.

Developed by Civox, Ashley operates as an innovative tool, analyzing voter profiles and tailoring conversations around key issues. The AI campaigner offers advantages like perfect recall of positions, consistent availability, and multilingual capabilities, engaging in “high bandwidth” conversations. While seen as a leveling tool for underdog candidates like Daniels, apprehensions persist about the potential misuse of generative AI technology in political contexts.

Civox CEO Ilya Mouzykantskii acknowledges the technology’s downsides but emphasizes ethical considerations, opting not to pursue venture capital funding that might compromise principles. Like OpenAI, Civox establishes an unconventional governance structure, including a committee empowered to ensure transparency. Despite no legal requirement, Ashley is designed with a robotic voice, and her AI nature is disclosed to users. Mouzykantskii and co-founder Adam Reis remain discreet about specific generative AI models used, leveraging over 20 proprietary and open-source models.

Generative AI advancements enable efficient product development, with Reis highlighting that a project of this scale would have required a large team and years to accomplish just a few years ago. The potential impact and rapid scaling of AI-driven political campaigning introduce both promise and challenges, shaping discussions around responsible AI use in electoral processes.

Image by vecstock on Freepik

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