June 14, 2024
Aptos Resumes Operations Following 5-Hour Outage Impacting Transactions
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Aptos Resumes Operations Following 5-Hour Outage Impacting Transactions

The Aptos Network, a Layer-1 blockchain, has successfully restored its network to normal operations after experiencing a lengthy five-hour outage that impacted on-chain transactions. The disruption began at 11:11 PM UTC on October 18, at block 104621314, and it persisted for over five hours. During this time, the team acknowledged that transactions on the network were affected and assured the community that they were actively working to resolve the issue.

In response to the network outage, cryptocurrency exchanges Upbit and OKX temporarily suspended APT deposits and withdrawals while alerting their users about maintenance on the Aptos network.

Interestingly, before the outage occurred, Aptos Labs had posted a message celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Aptos Mainnet’s launch, underscoring the importance of the date in the network’s history.

Aptos is a project with significant backing from venture capitalists and was founded by former Meta (formerly Facebook) employees who had experience working on Facebook’s Diem blockchain. However, it’s worth noting that network outages seem to be occurring more frequently in the blockchain space.

For instance, on October 19, the Theta Network team announced that a recent node upgrade had caused an “edge case bug,” resulting in a temporary halt in block production on the main chain. The team reported that the issue had been resolved, and the network was operating normally again.

Additionally, in September, the Coinbase Layer-2 network, Base, experienced its first major outage since its launch the previous month. These incidents serve as a reminder that despite the advancements in blockchain technology, network outages and technical challenges can still occur, potentially affecting users and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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