June 14, 2024
Apple, Google Discuss AI for iPhones Amid Concerns

Apple, Google Discuss AI for iPhones Amid Concerns

Apple is reportedly considering integrating Google’s Gemini AI product into its iPhones, amidst increased scrutiny from antitrust regulators for both tech giants. Talks are underway to license Google Gemini for new AI features on the iOS operating system. Additionally, Apple has initiated discussions with OpenAI for a potential AI partnership. This development occurs as Microsoft, OpenAI’s chief investor, competes with Google to advance AI tools.

Market Reaction and Stakeholder Comments
Following reports of the potential partnership, shares of Google parent Alphabet surged nearly 7%, while Apple saw a rise of nearly 3% in morning trading. However, representatives from Apple, Google, and OpenAI have yet to provide comments on these reports.

Scope and Uncertainties
The partnership would grant Google access to over two billion Apple devices, positioning it as a frontrunner in the AI race. However, the financial terms, branding, and implementation details of the partnership remain unresolved.

Apple is set to make major announcements about its AI plans at an event in June. AP

Extension of Existing Collaboration
The collaboration extends the existing partnership between Apple and Google, particularly in online search. Google reportedly paid Apple around $18 billion in 2021 to maintain its search engine as Safari’s default. A ruling on Google’s alleged illegal monopoly is anticipated later this year.

Utilization of Google Gemini
Apple plans to leverage Google Gemini for various tasks, including image creation and user prompt responses, despite recent controversies surrounding Gemini’s image generation tool.

Antitrust and Regulatory Landscape
The potential partnership arises amidst efforts by both Apple and Google to navigate antitrust scrutiny. The Department of Justice (DOJ) is reportedly close to filing a major antitrust lawsuit against Apple, while Google faces criticism for alleged anticompetitive practices.

European Mandates and Industry Perspectives
In Europe, antitrust regulators are enforcing changes to Google’s practices, despite which a partnership with Apple would signify a significant victory for Google. Analysts view the partnership favorably, noting its potential to enhance future iPhone releases with AI capabilities.

The potential partnership between Apple and Google marks a significant development in the tech industry, with implications for competition, innovation, and consumer choice. As both companies seek to advance their AI capabilities amidst antitrust scrutiny, the outcome of these negotiations will be closely monitored by industry observers and regulators alike.

Photo by Efrem Efre

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