June 9, 2024
Analyzing a Cryptocurrency Whale's $WETH to $SHIB Trade
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Analyzing a Cryptocurrency Whale’s $WETH to $SHIB Trade

In a notable move within the cryptocurrency realm, an influential participant commonly referred to as a ‘whale’ has conducted a substantial transaction involving two prominent digital currencies. Utilizing $WETH tokens, the whale traded them for $SHIB coins, according to insights provided by on-chain analytics provider SpotOnChain. The transaction, occurring within the last hour, saw the whale spending 1K $WETH to acquire nearly 149.3 $SHIB tokens.

SpotOnChain took to its official account on the social media platform X to disseminate details of this transaction. According to the analytics forum, the value of the 1K $WETH tokens utilized in the transaction amounts to a significant $3.83 million.

The Whale’s Continued Involvement and Potential Future Actions

This recent transaction marks a notable activity from the whale, whose previous engagement with $SHIB tokens dates back almost three years. During that time, the whale reportedly sold approximately 167 billion $SHIB coins, valued at around $6.13 million.

SpotOnChain revealed that the whale initially acquired these tokens from an early purchaser, who had bought a substantial amount of almost 5.16 trillion $SHIB coins on March 1, 2021. Alongside the $SHIB tokens, the early purchaser also acquired 45 $ETH, valued at $63.7K.

Despite the recent transaction, the whale still holds a significant amount of $WETH tokens, totaling 1,169 tokens, equivalent to nearly $4.45 million. SpotOnChain speculates that the whale might continue to engage in purchasing more $SHIB tokens in the future, suggesting potential further activity in the cryptocurrency market.


The recent transaction by the cryptocurrency whale, exchanging $WETH for $SHIB tokens, highlights ongoing activity and potential future movements within the digital asset market. With significant holdings and continued interest, the actions of such whales continue to shape the dynamics of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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