June 9, 2024
Analyst Predicts Exact Start of Altcoin Season
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Analyst Predicts Exact Start of Altcoin Season

Recent weeks have been pivotal for the crypto market. The US SEC surprised many by approving all eight Ethereum ETFs. Additionally, Australia and Thailand have each launched their first-ever Spot Bitcoin ETF. These developments have generated considerable momentum in the market.

Altcoins Are Ready to Move

Now, the focus has shifted to the altcoin market. Despite recent corrections, where some altcoins dropped by 10-20%, they are now ready for another upward move. Renowned crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe anticipates a massive altcoin rally in the coming months.

Van de Poppe, renowned for his insightful market analyses, asserts that altcoins are set for a significant rally. He highlighted that the momentum for altcoins is expected to build up from late June, continuing through September and into October. This suggests a potential period of sustained growth and recovery for altcoins, which have been underperforming in recent months.

Further into his analysis, Van de Poppe elaborated that this expected rally represents a repricing of altcoins back to their “normal values.” This implies that altcoins, which have been trading below their historical averages, may soon see a correction that aligns their prices with their intrinsic values.

Shifting Interest from BTC to Altcoin

BTC is currently battling resistance between $69K and $71K, following a substantial correction in the past two weeks. Many in the crypto space believe that This indicates a possible phase of sustained growth and recovery for altcoins, which have recently been underperforming.

Bitcoin’s price dips below the $68K mark, investor attention will shift towards altcoins. This shift is driven by the expectation of higher returns on alternative cryptocurrency investments.


The stage is set for a significant rally in the altcoin market. With the recent regulatory approvals and the anticipated shift in investor focus, altcoins might soon experience a period of notable growth.

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