May 18, 2024
Alliance Resource Explores Bitcoin Mining Amid Post-Halving Era
Bitcoin Halving

Alliance Resource Explores Bitcoin Mining Amid Post-Halving Era

The allure of Bitcoin mining continues to captivate traditional market players, with even coal miners like Alliance Resource Partners (NASDAQ: ARLP) stepping into the fray. The company revealed during its recent earnings call that it had mined approximately 425 Bitcoins, valued at $30 million, by harnessing excess power generated at its facilities.

Cary Marshall, the firm’s chief financial officer, disclosed, “In the second half of 2020, we started mining bitcoin as a pilot project to monetize the already paid-for yet underutilized electricity load at our River View mine.” This move underscores Alliance Resource’s innovative approach to leverage its existing infrastructure for additional revenue streams.

Bitcoin Holdings and Financial Implications

As of the end of Q1 2024, Alliance Resource Partners holds over 425 Bitcoins on its balance sheet, as per Marshall. While the current market value stands at $30 million, factoring in net costs such as plant, property, and equipment, the value reduces to $7.3 million. Despite this adjustment, the foray into Bitcoin mining has proven lucrative for the company.

Following the earnings report, ARLP witnessed a surge of 5%, surpassing revenue estimates. Marshall emphasized that the company’s focus remains solely on mining Bitcoin using its existing equipment, rather than engaging in the purchase of Bitcoin or similar assets. He added, “We do have some extra capacity that we’re renting out to other bitcoin miners within the data center that we’ve effectively built for this bitcoin mining to take advantage of the low energy costs we have.”

Bitcoin Miners Exert Sell Pressure

While Alliance Resource reaps the benefits of Bitcoin mining, the broader industry faces challenges. Cryptoquant, an on-chain analytics platform, detected a significant transfer of BTC from miners to spot exchanges, indicating increased selling pressure. This trend follows the anticipated sell-off by miners to cover operational costs post the Bitcoin halving event.

Miners, essential for validating and securing the network, incur expenses ranging from electricity to hardware and payroll. However, the reduced block rewards post-halving have squeezed profitability for miners, potentially impacting Bitcoin’s price if negative profitability persists.


Alliance Resource’s venture into Bitcoin mining highlights the evolving landscape of traditional industries embracing cryptocurrency to diversify revenue streams. As miners navigate market dynamics, the broader implications on Bitcoin’s ecosystem remain a focal point for investors and enthusiasts alike.

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