March 27, 2024
Bing's Copilot AI Chatbot Under Fire
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AI Forensics Report Unveils Bing Chatbot Inaccuracies in Election Information

A recent report by AI Forensics and AlgorithmWatch revealed concerning findings about Microsoft’s AI Bing chatbot, now known as Copilot. The study, released on December 15, discovered that the chatbot provided inaccurate information regarding political elections in Germany and Switzerland about 30% of the time. The inaccuracies spanned various aspects, including candidate details, polls, scandals, and voting information. Furthermore, it delivered incorrect responses regarding the 2024 presidential elections in the United States.

The study highlighted that Bing’s AI chatbot was chosen due to its inclusion of sources in responses, indicating that the issue might not be exclusive to Bing. Preliminary tests on ChatGPT-4 also reportedly revealed discrepancies.

Although the study clarified that the false information didn’t sway election outcomes, it expressed concerns about potential confusion and misinformation for the public. The nonprofits emphasized the impact of generative AI on democracy, stating that it could affect access to reliable and transparent public information.

The analysis also noted that the AI chatbot’s built-in safeguards were inconsistently distributed, causing it to provide evasive answers 40% of the time. In response to these findings, Microsoft announced plans to rectify these issues before the 2024 U.S. presidential elections. They advised users to verify information obtained from AI chatbots for accuracy.

This follows earlier developments in the realm of AI regulations, including a U.S. senatorial proposal in October targeting unauthorized AI replicas of real individuals and Meta’s mandate in November prohibiting the use of generative AI ad creation tools for political advertisers across Facebook and Instagram as a precautionary measure for upcoming elections.

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