April 29, 2024
AI Death Calculator, Creators Warn About Accuracy

AI Death Calculator: Creators Warn About Accuracy

Creators of Life2vec, the remarkably precise AI death calculator developed by US and Danish scientists, raise alarms about emerging copycat “de-terminator” apps that exploit personal data. These imitations pose a significant risk to individuals curious about their mortality.

We are not affiliated with these or any other entities that claim to use our technology,” Life2vec’s creators said.
Source: New York Post

Life2vec: The Digital Prophet of Doom

Life2vec utilizes ChatGPT technology to forecast individuals’ life expectancy based on various personal details, including income, profession, residence, and health history. Lead author Sune Lehmann explains the concept, of likening human lives to language, where events follow a sequential pattern. Life2vec boasts an impressive accuracy rate of 78% in predicting life expectancy, offering insights into mortality trends.

Beware of Counterfeit De-terminators

Despite not being publicly available, counterfeit versions of this AI death calculator have emerged, attempting to capitalize on its accuracy. The Life2vec team issues a warning against these fraudulent websites, emphasizing their lack of affiliation and disavowing any association with entities claiming to use their technology. These copycat de-terminators often aim to collect sensitive personal information, posing risks of identity theft and malware infections.

The emergence of counterfeit “de-terminator” apps highlights the ethical and security concerns surrounding predictive technologies. The widespread availability of personal data online makes individuals vulnerable to exploitation by malicious actors seeking to profit from their curiosity about mortality. As such, users must exercise caution when engaging with such applications and prioritize safeguarding their personal information. The Life2vec team’s vigilance and proactive approach serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining integrity and transparency in the development and deployment of predictive AI technologies.

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