March 28, 2024
AI and Real Assets in Investor Conversations Rise in Importance

AI and Real Assets in Investor Conversations Rise in Importance

As nations advance their efforts to promote the growth of the artificial intelligence sector, Santiment’s market data points to a surge in discussions among investors and traders regarding the potential of real-world assets and artificial intelligence.

Simultaneously, conversations concerning cryptocurrency prices have subsided due to market volatility and stabilization. However, there is now growing optimism about reaching the $40,000 mark. According to Santiment’s data, this shift in market sentiment regarding BTC’s price can be seen as a positive signal for investors.

Santiment’s data reveals a distinct pattern, indicating that search interest in Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a significant cryptocurrency metric, remains relatively modest despite the rise in BTC’s price. Conversely, search volumes for various topics, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI), PayPal stablecoin, Curve drama, bull market, and bear market, show notably lower levels of engagement compared to discussions about AI and real-world assets. This data underscores the increasing importance of AI and real-world assets as emerging focal points in the global financial landscape.

Alongside the continued enthusiasm for AI and real-world assets, AI-driven cryptocurrency tokens are seeing a substantial surge in prices.

Furthermore, the involvement of major global tech companies like Google, Microsoft, and Anthropic in AI investments, along with their efforts to foster AI growth and development, has prompted investors to reevaluate their investment choices. As businesses worldwide increasingly pivot toward AI and real-world assets, the surge in discussions related to AI appears to overshadow the cryptocurrency price landscape.

The term “AI” has also been named the word of the year for 2023 by Collins Dictionary, a renowned publisher of English-language dictionaries. Collins noted that AI has made significant progress and garnered widespread discussions in 2023, earning the reputation of the “next significant technological revolution.” Building on previous initiatives, United States President Joe Biden issued an executive order on October 30, establishing new standards for artificial intelligence (AI) safety and security.

President Biden’s directive incorporates AI safety commitments from 15 industry leaders. These new guidelines encompass six core principles, addressing the ethical implementation of AI in government, measures to protect citizen privacy, and the safeguarding of consumer data.

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