June 24, 2024
AI Adoption Spikes, Advances Europe's Digital Goals

AI Adoption Spikes, Advances Europe’s Digital Goals

In 2023, over a third of European businesses embraced artificial intelligence (AI), marking a notable surge in the adoption of generative AI, according to a report commissioned by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The European Commission set forth its 2030 Digital Decade vision in 2021, aiming for widespread digital skills, ubiquitous 5G connectivity, and 75% of EU companies utilizing cloud services. However, in 2022, only 25% of EU businesses had integrated AI, prompting concerns about meeting Digital Decade goals.

“Last year was pivotal; from Malmo to Milan, the accessibility of generative AI created an appetite for experimentation among consumers and businesses,” remarked Tanuja Randery, Managing Director at AWS, indicating that the accelerated AI adoption in 2023 has positioned Europe on track to achieve its Digital Decade objectives.

The survey, conducted by Strand Partners and encompassing over 16,000 citizens and 14,000 businesses, revealed that 38% of companies were actively experimenting with AI. The report estimated the positive economic impact of AI at an additional 600 billion euros, supplementing the earlier projection of 2.8 trillion euros.

The findings underscore a shift in momentum, suggesting that European businesses are increasingly recognizing and leveraging the potential of AI technologies. This trend aligns with the broader strategic goals outlined by the European Commission to propel the region into a digitally advanced future.

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