July 16, 2024
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43 Web Domains Blocked in Crackdown on Cyber Fraud in London

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), a specialized unit within the United Kingdom’s police force dedicated to combating fraud and financial cybercrime, has successfully thwarted a series of fraudulent activities by blocking 43 web domains. This move comes in the wake of an alarming rise in phishing attempts, particularly within the crypto community.

According to an update from the temporary commissioner of the City of London Police, Pete O’Doherty, the NFIB identified a spoof email address masquerading as the popular crypto site blockchain.com. Following this discovery, authorities uncovered an additional 42 web domains, including “actionfraud.info” and “department-fraud.com,” which were promptly blocked to prevent further illicit activities.

The NFIB is urging individuals who fall victim to cybercrimes to report incidents through their hotline and official channels. Reports indicate that, as of December 2023, the unit has successfully removed nearly 300,000 malicious websites, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with the public to combat online threats. Some phishing attempts even involved deceiving individuals by claiming they had won a Tupperware set.

Despite ongoing efforts to curb cybercrime, phishing remains a significant challenge within the crypto community. On January 20, hardware wallet manufacturer Trezor disclosed a security breach that compromised the data of 66,000 users. Subsequently, at least 41 users reported receiving phishing emails requesting sensitive information to access their crypto wallets.

In a separate incident, a large-scale phishing campaign targeted the email addresses of numerous crypto investors on January 23. Fraudsters, posing as representatives from major Web3 companies, conducted a phishing attack promoting fake token airdrops. Notable companies affected included Cointelegraph, WalletConnect, and Token Terminal, among others.

This phishing attack was later linked to a breach experienced by the email marketing firm MailerLite. On January 24, the company revealed that hackers gained control over Web3 accounts using a social engineering attack. A team member, responding to a customer inquiry, inadvertently clicked on a link redirecting to a fraudulent Google sign-in page, granting attackers access to MailerLite’s admin panel.

According to findings by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, the attackers’ main wallet amassed at least $3.3 million in total inflows since the attack. The incident underscores the persistent threat posed by cybercriminals and the need for continued vigilance and enhanced cybersecurity measures within the digital landscape. Authorities are urging individuals to exercise caution, report suspicious activities promptly, and remain informed about the latest cybersecurity threats to safeguard personal and financial information.

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