March 27, 2024
2024 Web3 Gaming Trends Executives Explore Blockchain's role
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2024 Web3 Gaming Trends: Executives Explore Blockchain’s Role

Web3 gaming has proven resilient amid the crypto bear market, with industry professionals anticipating a more eventful 2024 for blockchain gaming.

Henry Chang, CEO of South Korean game development company Wemade, foresees an uptick in blockchain-based game releases, emphasizing greater experimentation with Web3 applications. Chang notes that incorporating blockchain elements enhances in-game mechanics and gameplay, fostering a diverse range of Web3 games across genres.

Chang also predicts an increased inclusion of Web3 by gaming studios, citing blockchain’s ability to generate new revenue streams, offer unique experiences, and enhance community engagement through token-gated benefits. He highlights how blockchain returns in-game asset ownership to players, connects real-world economies to games, and fosters interoperability.

Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A Capital Group, anticipates more collaborations between traditional industry players and Web3 startups in 2024. Microsoft’s backing of Wemade and G2A’s launch of a Web3-focused NFT marketplace align with this trend.

Skwarczek envisions improved accessibility and user-friendly interfaces leading to elaborate game designs and more engaging gameplay mechanics, attracting a broader audience. Despite the positive outlook, the challenge lies in onboarding a wider player base to blockchain gaming.

Chang acknowledges the complexity of blockchain technology for designers and developers, proposing that simplifying the integration of Web3 elements and making blockchain features intuitive could facilitate broader adoption. Skwarczek echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the need for a groundbreaking Web3 title to set the standard and drive mass adoption in 2024.

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